After attending the Iganga Youth Day events since 2016, Sarah Mukoda enthusiastically informs us that she would continue showing up at the event for the years to come and also recommend her friends to join her simply because of the great networking platform and great opportunities the event creates.

Iganga Youth Day not only exposed me to a different youthful celebration experience with people from all over the country, it also opened a number of opportunities for me. From the various NGOs like 256 Youth Platform, Uganda Village Project among others that attended the event, I was lucky to have gotten two volunteer placements in those organizations and up to date; am grateful to the work experience I attained. Sara narrates.

She also adds that one of her friend she invited on Iganga Youth Day 2017 secured a job through a connection she made from the event.

In her last remarks she points out, “I continue to urge all the youth in and out of Iganga to come and make use of the opportunities and networks Iganga Youth Day unbridles.”

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