Capacity Building

Our capacity building programme aims at the growth of Entrepreneurship, Leadership and practical life skills development.

Our capacity building is delivered in 3 different ways. Through group travels; we are building a network where young people can learn from each other through dialogue. We also free offer free business design support and 1-to-1 sessions for personal development.

Our process

Our capacity building program targets young professionals,  fresh graduates, and young entrepreneurs who are looking for tools to grow, start their businesses, support their communities and become active citizens empowered to innovate and create a sustainable bright future.

Group Travel

Through travel, we are creating platforms for young people to open up, share, learn from each other, build strong working relationships and gain a sense of social giving. We’re helping young people step out of their comfort zone to tackle social issues.

1-to-1 Sessions

We offer free sessions for young people to develop mind-set, attitude, knowledge, experience, reach and skills from fellows and experts. Our free capacity building sessions are offered for free throughout the year at our office in Jinja.


Business Design

Through our partnership with The Growth Office, we support young people craft, design and brand their ideas to fit the market place. We offer free business design consulting, and affordable creative design; from logos, web design, and web hosting.