Iganga Youth Day

Thank you for the 3 years of Iganga Youth Day

After 3 years of Iganga Youth Day, we have come to the end of our annual Youth day event. The event has been a celebration of the international Youth day, putting young people from different areas together with local leaders, organisations working with the youth and corporate companies. The event was built on three (3) core elements; networking, learning and giving back to the community. – Daaki Joshua

Through this event, we put over 1500 young people together (Engaged over 500 people every year), learning from each other, having fun, and giving back to the community. We have fundraised to donate to Iganga Hospital’s Pediatric Ward, donated to refugees, done town cleaning, offered training and inspiration to hundreds of young people.

As we close Iganga Youth Day, we want to share our journey with you, we’re putting up impact stories and highlights of Iganga Youth Day since we started the event in 2016. Stories will be posted on our impact page regularly.


What is next?

Hangout foundation is committed to creating programmes and projects that contribute to the development of young people, we’re continuously working to create more platforms like Iganga Youth Day, provide tools and networks that help young people grow and contribute to the development of their communities.

We have proved that the best way to work with young people and empower them is by having a face to face interaction, and because of this, we want to continue organizing such events regularly so that we can reach more young people.

Hangout For Charity

We have designed Hangout for Charity; a programme to make adventures count by using unique learning experiences and community trips that support sustainable development.

Hangout For Charity will also support our current fundraising campaign intended to buy tailoring machines for a group 50 teenage mothers.

Thank you for the amazing 3 years of Iganga Youth Day!