Iganga Youth Day

Working through community events

Over the past three years we have been organizing Iganga Youth Day under the International Youth Day celebrations all over the world, discussing the given themes from the United Nations

Through this event, we put over 1,500 young people together, learn from each other, have fun, and give back to the community.

We have fundraised to donate to Iganga Hospital’s Pediatric Ward, donated to refugees, done town cleaning and offered training and inspiration to hundreds of young people.

Sustained Social Impact

We have proved that the best way to work with young people and empower them is by having a face to face interaction, and because of this, we want to continue organizing such events regularly so that we can reach more young people.

Creating opportunities for young people

After attending the Iganga Youth Day events since 2016, Sarah Mukoda enthusiastically informs us that she would continue showing up at our event for the years to come and also recommend her friends to join her simply because of the great networking platform and great opportunities events creates. “Iganga Youth Day not only exposed me to a different youthful celebration experience with people from all over the country, it also opened a number of opportunities for me” Sarah narrates.

She also adds that one of her friend she invited on Iganga Youth Day 2017 secured a job through a connection she made from the event.

Iganga Youth Day opened a number of opportunities for me – Sarah Mukoda

An opportunity for networking

Building your connections will provide you with an invaluable opportunity to best prepare for your career goals. It is important to remember that networking is a mutually beneficial process. You never know when your skills and resources can prove to be beneficial to others in your network.

From all my past Youth Day event engagements I boldly rate the event’s impact 10 on scale of 1-10. The event is and continues to grow as a networking opportunity for youth from all around the country, stresses Angelus Muhindo; a volunteer of Busoga Information Centre Network in Jinja.

Miss Earth taking action through Iganga Youth Day

A Practical Solution to Youth Disparity – Mr. Kayemba Patrick, LC 5 Iganga District

I give a plus to the organizers of the event who have continuously put in efforts to bring Iganga Youth Day to my community and emphasized the sharing of start-up success stories, preaching the message of self-belief and confidence has played a big role in making the young people I lead to have hope that they can also be successful in whatever they believe in doing.

The event also opened the eyes and confidence of the young people in Iganga to start such activities that contribute to the good of the community. At the moment, so many youth groups have come into existence as a result of Iganga Youth day and they are continuously on the look out to be impactful in the area. “As a leader, I count that as an accomplishment for ever allowing to be part of Iganga Youth day and continuously allowing the event to be in an area I lead,” concludes Mr. Patrick.

Young people taking lead and supporting each other

Ismail leads a community initiative; Nva Busoga Foundation, a charity working in Busoga region. The initiative mobilizes different young people to make donations of pads and clothes and other livelihood necessities to unprivileged rural communities in the region.

When asked how Hangout Foundation’s Iganga Youth Day event has impacted him, Kismat replied; “I value Iganga Youth Day because I have met so many differently skilled young people that have advised, supported and walked with me the journey of growing my community initiative at the event. I am encouraging all my friends not to miss the event this year so that just like me, they can also connect to the meaningful network of young people Iganga Youth Day creates annually”.

I have met so many differently skilled young people that have advised and supported me

Our Impact

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