Kismat Ismail is one of the many young people whose face lightens up at the mention of Iganga Youth Day. To him, the event is a great platform for networking and taking out insights from different youth leaders who share lessons from their various journeys of starting/leading youth-led initiatives.

Ismail leads a community initiative; Nva Busoga Foundation, a charity working in Busoga region. The initiative mobilizes different young people to make donations of pads and clothes and other livelihood necessities to unprivileged rural communities in the region.

When asked how Hangout Foundation’s Iganga Youth Day event has impacted him, Kismat replied;

I value Iganga Youth Day because I have met so many differently skilled young people that have advised, supported and walked with me the journey of growing my community initiative at the event. I am encouraging all my friends not to miss the event this year so that just like me, they can also connect to the meaningful network of young people Iganga Youth Day creates annually.

The youth are a critical force in the development of any society. Young people account for more than a quarter of the world’s population today. Timely interventions directed at young people are more likely to yield a greater return for sustainable development than attempts to build these capacities later in the life cycle.

In our effort to continue empowering the youth to take charge of their destiny and become the forces of social change, we do acknowledge that we first need to address the multidimensional barriers they face for them to be active citizens of their communities. Of these obstacles, decent employment, education, health and civic participation are the most essential to their well-being. Some of the constraints they confront are related to lack of opportunities, living with HIV while others are limited access to information and resources.


Through our community outreaches, we have continued to create a space where youth lead sessions using peer to peer approach in schools and other platforms where we are invited. Hangout Foundation took pride in joining the Iganga University Students and Youth Association in a recently concluded community outreach where we addressed the issue of health living among young people if we are to work towards the attainment of sustainable development in our communities and country at large. Through such platforms, we motivate the youth we work with to become aware of the needs of the people in communities around them. It is also an opportunity for them to learn and share talents and gifts with those community members we reach out to.

Besides providing young people in our network with material and technical support, we continue to encourage them to engage in socially aware projects and activities that will promote the good of the community. For the past three years, we have continued to be impressed by how much the young people all over Uganda join in our annual community event; Iganga Youth Day where we celebrate youths and jointly give back to community through an identified social cause. The resulting end of our annual event is that young people take an active role in community development through a heightened sense of duty and responsibility.

We call out more young people out there to join us this year as we prepare for our annual International Youth Day celebrations as we stand in the gap for 50 teenage mothers who lack sufficient machines for them to learn the tailoring skill to eventually support their young ones and beat the cycle of poverty that is engulfing deeper communities of Busoga region.

Your donation can change a teenage mother’s life; send your donation through

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On 20th November 2018, we were so much privileged to have the support of African Youth Action Network, friends and friends of friends who stood with us to make the cloth donation to refugees in Kiryandongo Settlement a success. There were refugee leaders who greatly appreciated the kind gesture from whoever contributed.

Photo Credit: Dipak Moses

At certain times, cruelty takes the core, places have gone through harsh situations, Rwanda, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda and elsewhere in the world. We’ve seen it first hand in the broken limbs, families, people and traumatic experiences people have had to go through. We have all seen what humankind is capable of at its worst. But we have also seen something stronger than hate, we’ve seen bravery, kindness and incredible acts of love and this is exactly why we reached out to the refugees to celebrate through people’s giving.

Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement

Photo Credit: Dipak Moses

There is something more that we can do than just simply helping refugees survive when we can make them thrive. Let us think of refugee camps and communities as more than just temporary populations where they languish waiting for wars to end rather as centres of excellence where they triumph over their trauma and train them for the day they can go back to their homes as agents of positive change and social transformation. These victims of war hold the keys to lasting peace and are the right people to end the cycle of violence.

Let us unite and work towards the desired change we all want to live in.

Photo Credit: Dipak Moses