For the past couple of months, we have been fundraising to support a group of young women and adolescent girls in Bugiri District and over the weekend; Saturday 12 October 2019, we were able to visit and give what we raised from different people. We thank everyone who has supported our charity campaign to support teenage mothers in Bugiri District. This has been part of our pilot program Hangout for Charity, where we are encouraging travelers and young people to actively support communities as they explore their Country.

We have a big dream to grow a strong community of social impact travelers, who not only travel to have fun, but to support each other, give back to the community, network with fellows and share knowledge.

On our first charity trip to Bugiri/Sipi Falls, we raised UGX 910,000 and we purchased one (1) sewing/tailoring machine and one (1) salon hair dryer for a group of over 50 teenage mothers in Bugiri. These young mothers come together to learn practical skills that can help them increase their revenue so that they can support their families.

They are working to build a strong learning center where women can come and learn skills in hairdressing and tailoring. Resources like tailoring machines and any salon equipment are one of their key resources and we encourage anyone who can support to reach out! You can talk to us or get in touch with them directly through their Facebook page.


One of the challenges this country has is the disparity in terms of available jobs against the number of youths and this has created a lot of unemployment or underemployment among the young people. The youth in my area may have the creativity to innovate but lack the confidence to start, pushing them in other unsolicited behaviors like drug abuse, bad sexual activities that some get addicted to which further leads them away from a right path they should have taken had if they had the right guidance and motivation – highlights ; a local leader (LC5) of Iganga District where the Iganga Youth Day event takes place annually.

From his perspective as a leader he acknowledged that the event has been a big contributor to uplifting the confidence of the youths staying in Iganga as it brings different young people across the country to share inspiration, ideas and network with the ones they met in Iganga. Despite the fact that while many of them lack the capital to start their own initiatives, they have picked confidence, good networks and basic skills through the various learning experiences and entrepreneurial interactions incorporated within the activities that happen on Iganga Youth Day. Mr. Kayemba also appreciated Hangout Foundation for the efforts and all the investments they have incurred in making the event happen annually for the past 3 years since 2016.

I give a plus to the organizers of the event who have continuously put in efforts to bring Iganga Youth Day to my community and emphasized the sharing of start-up success stories, preaching the message of self-belief and confidence has played a big role in making the young people I lead to have hope that they can also be successful in whatever they believe in doing.

He then informed us that earlier on, very many young people would just redundantly refuse to do anything beneficial to their communities. They never had any motivation to collectively do a social cause for the good of those in their particular society and when the first Iganga Youth Day happened, very many youths were mobilized to participate in Iganga town cleaning. The exercise put together local leaders like Mr. Patrick the LC5 of the area, company owners, media personalities and young people that showed up for the event. He also mentioned that not only was it fun, it also opened the eyes and confidence of the young people in Iganga to start such activities that contribute to the good of the community. At the moment, so many youth groups have come into existence as a result of Iganga Youth day and they are continuously on the look out to be impactful in the area. “As a leader, I count that as an accomplishment for ever allowing to be part of Iganga Youth day and continuously allowing the event to be in an area I lead,” concludes Mr. Patrick.

We later informed him that this year 2019; we are looking towards creating sustainability in the impact we are creating by working towards doing long-term projects that equip young people with practical and soft skills through capacity building especially in the area of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and personal development. Upon hearing this, Mr. Kayemba Patrick pledged out of being very impressed with the idea to always be of support as much as he can.

The youth are a critical force in the development of any society. Young people account for more than a quarter of the world’s population today. Timely interventions directed at young people are more likely to yield a greater return for sustainable development than attempts to build these capacities later in the life cycle.

In our effort to continue empowering the youth to take charge of their destiny and become the forces of social change, we do acknowledge that we first need to address the multidimensional barriers they face for them to be active citizens of their communities. Of these obstacles, decent employment, education, health and civic participation are the most essential to their well-being. Some of the constraints they confront are related to lack of opportunities, living with HIV while others are limited access to information and resources.


Through our community outreaches, we have continued to create a space where youth lead sessions using peer to peer approach in schools and other platforms where we are invited. Hangout Foundation took pride in joining the Iganga University Students and Youth Association in a recently concluded community outreach where we addressed the issue of health living among young people if we are to work towards the attainment of sustainable development in our communities and country at large. Through such platforms, we motivate the youth we work with to become aware of the needs of the people in communities around them. It is also an opportunity for them to learn and share talents and gifts with those community members we reach out to.

Besides providing young people in our network with material and technical support, we continue to encourage them to engage in socially aware projects and activities that will promote the good of the community. For the past three years, we have continued to be impressed by how much the young people all over Uganda join in our annual community event; Iganga Youth Day where we celebrate youths and jointly give back to community through an identified social cause. The resulting end of our annual event is that young people take an active role in community development through a heightened sense of duty and responsibility.

We call out more young people out there to join us this year as we prepare for our annual International Youth Day celebrations as we stand in the gap for 50 teenage mothers who lack sufficient machines for them to learn the tailoring skill to eventually support their young ones and beat the cycle of poverty that is engulfing deeper communities of Busoga region.

Your donation can change a teenage mother’s life; send your donation through

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