Iganga Youth Day

Sketcher Project, for Iganga Youth Day

As a way of raising funds to celebrate our annual Iganga Youth Day event, put young people together and connect them to valuable networks; we started the Sketcher Project. A project by young people to help young people stay in school.

We partner with pre-primary schools to engage kids in co-curricular activities that promotes creativity through sketching and drawing their favorite pictures to support other young people.

Every sketcher t-shirt you buy is a strong contribution towards promoting young talent and supporting young people stay in school!

We collect these drawings and use them in their original look to make trendy shirts to fund raise to support unprivileged youths stay in school and to reward our amazing sketchers. Each t-shirt comes with a customized tag with the Name of the kid/sketcher and their story.

Every year at our Iganga Youth Day celebrations, we will exhibit all the different works of the kids and schools we work with, and we will donate to young people in form of school fees or requirements.

Our Impact

Through this project, we’re making the cost of education in rural and semi-urban areas affordable and fun and at the same time building a platform for young people to learn life skills. We will recruit and support 10 students every year through Iganga Youth Day.