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A platform developed to help young entrepreneurs grow, launch strong brands and businesses. We use our network, share our knowledge base coupled with digital marketing tools to help young people thrive. We work and partner with experienced-smart service providers and individuals.


Here Is What You Need To Know

How we do it?

We’re facilitating the development and growth of young people, small businesses into strong individuals and brands. We make all this possible by continuously introducing the right information, networking and using digital tools.

Our membership is available at every small annual subscription, this subscription fee helps us maintain our platforms, fund other youth projects, grow our network and support other young people.

Benefits & why become a member

If you are looking for company and support on your journey to personal development or business development and growth, you can consider walking with us. Our membership comes with:

  1. Free connection to our network
  2. Free attendance to all our events and workshops throughout the year
  3. Free consultation, personal advise and business support
  4. Access to our digital resources (free website, free web hosting, and branding)

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How do I enjoy the benefits?

After your registration, one of our team members will be in touch with you. We will also share with you our upcoming events and workshops for you to join should you wish. If you need digital support for your brand or businesses, we will ask you submit necessary information, then we will create for you for example a free website, or branding. Note: development can take up to 1 month because we might sometimes get a lot of orders, but will not take more than 2 months.

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You can ask us any questions online (Via Email, Or Our WhatsApp Group), and we will respond to you as soon as possible! You will also be provided with your immediate contact person that can be reached on phone and email to offer free guidance, assistance and advice. In-person consultation and meetings may be charged in case you are far away from your immediate contact person. You may be then required to provide a transport and meals refund.

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Events & Workshops

All our events and workshops are free to all members whenever they happen. Our events include networking events and businesses training. We keep all members updated about upcoming events and workshops.

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How much is membership?

Membership fee is only UGX. 200,000, each member/company/organisation. Paid annually.

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Why are we charging like this?

This membership has been created to help small enterprises and young people who want to launch business or trying to grow. For over 4 years, we have developed a strong network of both experienced and young entrepreneurs, we want to share this network. We have also invested in digital marketing tools and we are determined to support small businesses and young people who are determined to grow!

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How do I pay?

After registering and confirming that you want to join, we will then send you payment details and channels near you.

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