Iganga Youth Day 2019

Support Teenage Mothers Buy Tailoring Machines

This year as we celebrate the International Youth Day in Uganda, we are standing together to support a group of 50 teenage mothers. Through their group, they support and empower each other attain vocational skills in tailoring. But in the process, they are faced with a number of challenges such as inadequate tailoring materials, small working space and they are only relying on two (2) faulty tailoring machines. This has slowed down their learning efficiency and has demotivated many of the girls who often don’t get a chance to practice what they learn.

Following the above challenges, we seek urgent support towards this noble cause by fundraising for 50 tailoring machines to improve their efficiency and to reach out to more mothers. Each machine with starter materials costs UGX: 400,000 = $109

Why Teenage Mothers?

Uganda has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Sub-Saharan African region, attributing 25% of these pregnancies to 15-19 year-old girls especially in the Eastern Uganda. Statistics shows that in the next ten years, 5.5 million children will be born to teenage mothers. This implies that not only are they part of the future, they are actively rising a future.

Through our organisation; Hangout Foundation, we take responsibility as young people every year to; support, give back and network with fellows in our community as we celebrate the International Youth Day through our #IgangaYouthDay campaign.

In a bid to advocate for active citizenship; we have carried out community service and activities for the past 3 years engaging over 500 youths from all over the country, fundraising to donate to Iganga Hospital’s Pediatric Ward, Town cleaning and offering training and inspiration to hundreds of young people.

This year, we are supporting teenage mothers as a way of improving the social-cultural environment, and in order to avert social stigma for young mothers to feel socially accepted and supported.

We have trained volunteers who are willing to support these young mothers attain financial stability for them to sustainably care for their young ones, build a foundation for them to run small scale businesses and also for them to earn sustainable income.

It is our hearts’ desire that we attain extra support from all over the world to contribute towards the young mothers and the future generation they are they are actively raising. All the machines and any other resources raised from the fundraiser will be handed over to the young mothers on Iganga Youth Day event, on 10th August 2019 at Sikezy hotel in Iganga.

See what we did 2018: As we put young people together to fundraise to donate baby food to Iganga District Main Hospital Pediatrics Ward. See video below

It’s the little things that we often overlook that can help us create the change we all want to see in the world. If we join efforts to raise funds needed for more tailoring machines and support rather than criticism and judgment to these mothers, then we’ll be all positively impacting a future of over 5.5 million people in just a small moment.

Meet Grace Nakimera

Iganga-Youth-Day - Grace-01

We’re partnering with singer Grace Nakimera’s Feed The Streets Foundation on a mission to reduce homelessness – one step at a time – firstly, through providing food and soul guidance to those most in need. Join us to meet Grace and her team.

Meet Africell Uganda

Iganga-Youth-Day - Africell-Uganda

A big thanks to our Main sponsor Africell Uganda for the continued support towards Iganga Youth Day. Join us for more giveaways from Africell this year!

Color, Networking Activities & Music

Iganga Youth Day also provides a good networking platform for young people and the community through games, poetry, music, dance, dram and sports. Join us great networking and fun!

Click the link below to learn more about the event https://www.hangoutfoundation.org/iganga-youth-day/

Get involved

Actively donate to buy Tailoring Machines for Teenage Mothers. Click here to pledge your support!

Bring your youth network to the event: Our event is open to all young people to attend and people offering service to the community (E.g. Blood donation, Civic education). Do you have a youth network and want them to get involved in our planned activities, please let us know!

Social Media: Join our conversations on social media; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Use our event’s hashtag #IgangaYouthDay

Apply to Volunteer

Event Date, Time & Venue

Iganga Youth Day event is on 10th August 2019 at Sikezy Hotel in Iganga.

Event Starts at 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Sponsorship & exhibition

For sponsorship or exhibition space, Email: info@hangoutfoundation.org or Call: +256756722388

Iganga Youth Day 2018

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