For the past couple of months, we have been fundraising to support a group of young women and adolescent girls in Bugiri District and over the weekend; Saturday 12 October 2019, we were able to visit and give what we raised from different people. We thank everyone who has supported our charity campaign to support teenage mothers in Bugiri District. This has been part of our pilot program Hangout for Charity, where we are encouraging travelers and young people to actively support communities as they explore their Country.

We have a big dream to grow a strong community of social impact travelers, who not only travel to have fun, but to support each other, give back to the community, network with fellows and share knowledge.

On our first charity trip to Bugiri/Sipi Falls, we raised UGX 910,000 and we purchased one (1) sewing/tailoring machine and one (1) salon hair dryer for a group of over 50 teenage mothers in Bugiri. These young mothers come together to learn practical skills that can help them increase their revenue so that they can support their families.

They are working to build a strong learning center where women can come and learn skills in hairdressing and tailoring. Resources like tailoring machines and any salon equipment are one of their key resources and we encourage anyone who can support to reach out! You can talk to us or get in touch with them directly through their Facebook page.


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